Saturday 19 January 2013

3RDegree - The Long Division (2012)

This is the fourth album from these US prog rockers since 1993. I believe they split up somewhere around the millenium too. Their previous album was released in 2008.

3RDegree is one of these vaudeville art rock bands with the typical US sound and approach. They don't sound like the US symph prog bands. They sounds more like pomp and art rock. If I was strict on this, I would not label 3RDegree a prog rock band. But who cares as there is only two types of music: Good music or bad music.

Their music is heavy based on tangents. Not as in synthetic plastic fantastic synths, but as in piano and organic Hammond organs. Their tangents is not genetic modified, in other words. That also goes for the guitars, bass and drums too. The vocals are very good too.

I am by no means fans of vaudeville art rock. The type of music 3RDegree does. There are some great melody lines scattered around here and the music is on average very good. Quality wise, this album cannot be faulted and I am probably in a minority of one when I label this album as merely very good. My gripe is the lack of one or two great songs. I still like this album a lot though and would recommend it to everyone who likes US art rock more than I do.

3.5 points

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  1. Thanks Torodd for a fair look at our album. We're definitely not your's and some other's cup of tea, but we thank you for seeing that we might be good at what we do. Thanks!