Monday 13 February 2012

V/A - Xtreem Mutilation Vol 4 (2011)

The death metal scene gave us some legendary compilation albums twenty years ago from labels like Peaceville and Roadrunner. At Death's Door was one of the legendary ones. I bought a lot of CDs as a result of that.

Drowned Records, who morphed into Repulse Records and later Xtreem Records were around at that time in Madrid, Spain. Repulse Records released some really good compilation albums themselves. I believe they were free too.

....... Anyway.....

Compilation albums can be pretty bad like the first installment of the Xtreem Mutilation series (see my review). I guess volume 2 and 3 is not much better either. But they guy(s) in Xtreem Records has really returned at full blast on Vol 4, the one I am reviewing now, with one of the best death metal compilation albums I have ever heard. It is a free, two CDs download celebration (booklet, J-card and CD print is included in the download) of the Xtreem Records 100th release and 10 years in the business. That means a proper celebration with the best what Xtreem/Repulse/Drowned Records can offer from well over 20 years of their history.

This is almost champagne celebration.

The music is mostly great throughout the two hours of death metal terror the listener is faced with. The contributions from Adramelech, Cartilage, Supuration, Necrophiliac, Dissect and Morpheus Descend is really great and alone worthy the whole free download. Best of all; all bands are playing brutal death metal. No thrash and no black metal. This is two hours with fine death metal.

In short; if you are curious about underground death metal or really like this music; this is a download for you. I am fan of death metal in small dosages so this album is just my cup of tea.

4 stars

Link to free download

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