Saturday 11 February 2012

Tricantropus - Recuerdos del Futuro (2007)

A new Spanish band with two albums on their conscience..... so far. This is their debut album.

Their brand of instrumental music is a bit difficult to describe. Take a lot of Pink Floyd, some fusion without it's normal intensity, a lot of Camel and a lot of Carlos Santana. Add some prog metal and movie soundtracks aka Jan Hammer into the mix. There are also a some Spanish folk music here.

In short; this album would appeal a lot to Camel and instrumental symphonic prog fans who does not like too many sharp edges in their music.

The quality is good throughout. But I am missing a lot of identity in their music. This album is more soulless and bland than I appreciate. A bit more fusion would had given the material a lot more bite and content. Some chugging guitars and a lot of nice sounding keyboards with some funky bass and drums in the background does not really make the sun shine for me.

On the positive side; this is very competent delivered music and an album well worth checking out. So it is a three points album for me and a hope that their second album has some personality induced. I have just ordered it and I hope my money was well spent.

3 cats.... ehh..... points

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  1. I heard their second album, El Sueno de Arsinoe, on ProgStreaming, and got more or less the same impression as you did regarding their debut album. Some interesting material, but the good ideas are not developed enough.