Saturday 25 February 2012

Massacra - Final Holocaust (1990)

I bought this for some pennies back in the early 1990s on LP because of the cover artwork. I think I bought it from a second hand shop or a charity shop. Then I forgot about it........ Until yesterday when I found it in a box. So just before I decides what to do with this album, here is my review of this abnomality in my LP collection.

Massacra was one of the very few French extreme metal bands from the end of the 1980s/beginning of the 1990s. Loudblast was another band. Both bands got lost in the Scott Burns trap and died after that. Massacra on the follow up album to this album though.

Final Holocaust is style wise a blend of thrash and death metal. References are Sarcofago and Sepultura (Brazil) and Devastation (USA). That's from what I remember of this scene. The music is pretty much straight forward brutal thrash/death metal without much own identity. Run of the mill and pretty OK in all it's neanthaler primitive song structures. A style now making a return, I am afraid. I prefer the originals like Massacra though.
This album is OK in small dosages, but nothing more. Make that; very small dosages.

2 points

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