Thursday, 23 February 2012

Criminal Caterpillar - Thanatos and the Archangel (2010)

A new band from Canada. A band with a free download album too. See link at the end of my review.

Their brand of music is pretty lively mix  of modern rock and jazz based. The jazz rhythms comes in pretty frequent. The rock part reminds me about art rock like RPWL, Marillion and tonnes of other new art rock bands. Actually, I do not have many references at all because this is not the type of music I normally listen to.

The sound is excellent and it is pretty obvious the band loves to go out and play this music live. And it is in a live setting this music really comes alive. The vocals are excellent and so is the guitars and the rhythm section too. I have my huge reservations against the lack of quality of the songs here. They sounds a bit samey and bland to me. This is simply not my cup of tea. So I award this album a weak three pointer and recommend everyone to download it and make up your own mind. This may be the best album from 2010 for some of you.

3 points

Link to album

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