Sunday 12 February 2012

Osibisa - Osibirock (1974)

Our friends from Ghana with their fifth album.

Placing them in Ghana is a bit errenous though. Osibisa was formed in the cold metropolitian called London. That is in England, Europe and the winters there are pretty cold. The summers too are pretty cold too. Not like Ghana,  though.

Their first two albums are really great. Osibirock starts with the utterly horrible Caribean bars like pastisj Who's Got the Paper and continues with a lot of African dance rhythms (world music, it is called) and moves onto some more exotic light jazz stuff at the end. The music is by no means my usual fare. I would say Osibisa is a one of a kind band. Well, at least in my universe. But it has at least introduced the ambience of Africa into my office. A welcome change, indeed.

This album is by no means my normal fare. Quality wise, it is not on par with their semi-classic two first albums too. But there is still some good songs here. But not enough to really recommend this album. So I am a bit restricted with my points.

2.5 stars

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