Wednesday 15 February 2012

Abedul - Nosotros (1979)

Hmm...... Not so sure what to expect here.

Abedul is one of these one-album wonders from Spain. And they play a kind of cool jazz with pop vocals intertwined too. The rhythms and their songs are a bit ompa-ompa and cheesy. The music lands somewhere between pop and jazz.

The music is performed by keyboards and guitars + drums and bass. The sound is good and the vocals great. The music is not bad at all. The problem and I guess; the reason for this band only releasing one album, is the lack of any really great or even good songs. This album really does not leave any impressions on me.

I like music from Spain. But this album is not one of the pieces of music from Spain I am really overawed about. I give it a couple of points and that's it.

2.5 stars

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