Tuesday 28 February 2012

Sciarada - The Addiction (2009)

Oh no, not another one.......

Sciarada is an Italian trio which does very minimalistic post rock/ambient music. The soundscape is very dark and somber. There is not much going on here. My outbreak above is referring to the far too many similar types of albums the black metal scene was spewing out in the 1990s. Even a couple of guys in Darkthrone did some of these albums and I was not impressed back then. I am not impressed now either. As a friend in Progressor Magazine wrote in a review two years ago: The Addiction is a love or hate album. I am among the haters. I cannot see much artistic value here and neither anything that interests me. This is like hearing myself snoring, this album. Just a lot more ambient than my nightly artistic productions. I wish the opposite was the case.

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