Sunday 12 February 2012

V/A - Xtreem Mutilation Vol 1 (20xx)

Time for some death metal.

Death metal and grindcore has always fascinated me. In small dosages though. This music is too noisy for my sensitive ears and I quickly tires of death metal. But I have high regards for death metal as an form of art.
Repulse Records was a record label which kept the death metal flame alive when the world went total bananas over black metal and the death metal scene was almost killed off in the crush for every man and it's dog to jump on the black metal bandwagon. At the end, Repulse Records went out of business and some remains of them (the owner) morphed into Xtreem Records. A record label which keeps the underground death metal scene well and alive.

Xtreem Mutilation Vol 1 is the first free downloads compilation albums out of in total four albums. See link at the end of the review.

All four albums, and in particular volume 4, is superb introductions to the underground death metal/grindcore scene. Superb because they are free.

The music on volume 1 is an eclectic mix of from beyond the grave bands. Mostly grindcore and gore grind bands though. Most of the bands is unknown entities altogether for even the most eager followers of the scene. There are also some black metal here to my displeasure. Not that I mind about black metal. But I thought this was a death metal compilation as volume 4 is.

The overall quality of the contributons here is not good, I am afraid to report. It starts promising with contributions from Disgorge and Paganizer, but then fall as a dead bird to the ground. Of the four volumes of Xtreem Mutilations, this is the least worthy download.

1.5 stars

Link to download

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