Tuesday 21 February 2012

Dire Straits - Love Over Gold (1982)

Yeah, yeah, yeah......... stop sniggering.

Feel free to say anything about Dire Straits. A band that were the kings of cheese on most of their final two albums (although Brothers In Arms is a brilliant song). But this album is something different again.

The first song on Love Over Gold is their finest ever moment. Telegraph Road is up there among the better prog rock songs....ever. Private Investigations is also a great songs. Then the album takes a sharp nosedive with the cheesy meant-as-a-hit-single Industrial Disease. O horror. The title track is a welcome return to form though. The final track It Never Rains is another cheese fest though.

If this album had included Tunnel Of Love and Romeo & Juliet from the previous album Making Movies, this album had been straight up there among the best ever prog rock albums. But the two horror tracks mentioned above destroys the album somehow. I am off to make my own Dire Straits mp3 album called Love Over Movies with the suggested tracklist. But I would still award Love Over Gold a good four pointer.

4 stars

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