Tuesday 17 April 2012

Kotebel - Mysticae Visiones (2002)

This Spanish band returns with their second album.

This band is firmly rooted in the landscape between classical music, fusion and progressive rock. The main instruments are keyboards, guitars, bass and drums. Some operatic vocals can be found on this album which contains two long compositions.

The ambitions is without limits. It is very difficult to pull of good albums in this landscape. Not to mention dynamic music. Not to mention good music.

Mysticae Visiones is an album with some good dynamics inbetween a lot of bland melody lines which does not really work. This album does not really work to a large extent. But half of this album is good and the rest is merely decent. Hence my split points.

Kotebel has just released a new album and I will come back to that later this year (I hope).

2.5 points

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