Saturday 28 April 2012

Bloomer Plateau - Bang Away Your Loneliness (2003)

The second and final album from this four man band. Again, a free download.

I was not happy  at all with the first album. Christain Kolf, the mainman here, did expand the band with three other members and set off in the direction of post rock. The sound is not good though and this recording was never meant to see the light either. But he has made them available through Bandcamp.

The songs sounds unfinished and underdeveloped. The sound is not good at all. Hence, I am not particular happy. But it is a free download and I have not lost anything here. Christain Kolf and his friends has gone onto release a lot better albums than this album. Bloomer Plateau is also a closed chapter in his life. That explains this rather unfinished product.

1.5 points


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