Wednesday 25 April 2012

Spaleny. Jan - Edison (1978)

Jan Spaleny is a Czech composer and multi instrumentalist who are still going strong to my knowledge. Well, according to what I could gather from the Czech wikipedia and his homepage. Not that I understood much from these pages. But there are some universal words there. It also seems like he operates well within the borders of his country. So he is not an international superstar.

That is a pity, really. His music is not bad at all and would really appeal to the world wide jazz scene. Edison is an album with good funky jazz with a lot of  folk rock and rock in opposition influences. This is an album where the vocals dominates and it is a bit difficult to penetrate the music behind the vocals.

There is far too much vocals on this album in my view and it has been pushed to the front of the mix. Which destroys the music in the background. The vocals are good though. Had he been a lot more restrained and given the music a lot more breathing space, this could had been a very good album. But the vocals is all over the album as a sore thumb and that destroys this album for me.

Not bad, but this album could had been a lot better.

2 points

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