Tuesday 3 April 2012

Candy Apple Red - The Drowning Moon (2012)

A new name and band to me. There is even conflicting views on where this band is from. UK or USA. They have a website with no details and not much info about themselves. That is either done by intent or just by sheer lazyness. This album is available through Amazon though. 

Listed as a progressive/art rock band, the music on this album is a variation over the theme post rock/shoegaze. Their sound is a lot more organic than what I am used to from *insert a post rock band here*. Most of all; this album is all out instrumental.
The instruments are guitars, percussions, drums, keyboards and bass. The sound is excellent.

The music is between art and post rock with some space rock and symphonic prog influences. The music does not ebb and flows as a normal post rock album. It much more plays on moods and slow build ups. It also reminds me a lot about jazz in it's compositions.

This album takes a long time to sink in and I have had my struggles with it. Most of all trying to make up my mind about it. It is one of these albums wobbling between decent and good. But I found it a good companion on a brisk walk with a MP3 player on my ears so that, stop laughing, gives it some added value. I will give it a weak three points. Will we ever hear anything more from this band ? I am not putting any money on it.

3 points

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