Wednesday 11 April 2012

Gwendel - Irish Jig (1974)

Why did this folk music album end up in my collection ? No idea.

Gwendel was/is from France. I got no idea what they have been up to before and since 1974 either. This album is another French band tapping into the Irish folk music tradition. For some reasons, Irish music is very popular among French folk rock bands and I have seen countless bands with Irish this and that titles.

Irish Jig is half an hour with traditional Irish folk music in an orchestral setting. I guess 4 musicians. Violins, flutes, bass and some other string instruments. That and some sporadic percussions and woodwinds. The music is lively enough. But it is also a bit too bland for my liking. It has nothing to do with rock or jazz music either. Thin Lizzy, one of my all time favorite bands, was tapping into the Irish folk music scene, but Irish Jig is miles away and far too traditional to be compared to anything Thin Lizzy did. Not even that horrible Whisky In A Jar song. Irish Jig is a decent album and that's all.

2 points

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