Monday 2 April 2012

Carnage/Cadaver split CD (1990)

This is the split CD on Necrosis Records with Carnage and Cadaver which contains Carnage's Dark Recollections cassette album and Cadaver's Hallucinating Anxiety cassette album.

Split CDs has a bit of a reputation and is not the best way of presenting bands. But this split CD on the other hand is one of the classic split CDs. I would also argue; one of the most significant split CDs of all time too and a must have for all death metal fans.

Carnage is first out with a sound that was a forewarning of both Entombed's and Dismember's debut album. Carnage was by all intents Dismember. To a large extent, Dark Recollections is Dismember's debut album. This is a great album in it's own right and the best of the two albums on this split CD. Really great grinding Swedish death metal.

Cadaver from Norway delivers some really good traditional death metal on their  Hallucinating Anxiety album. But they are very much second best here.

I really likes this split CD. Death metal though is no longer my favorite music and the points awarded reflects that. This is still an enjoyable listen although the sound is a bit substandard.

3 points

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