Monday 30 April 2012

Camembert - Schnoergl Attahk (2011)

The second offering and the first full length album from this French jazz band.

Jazz is though not the correct label on this band and this album. Their music is much more towards eclectic jazz than standard jazz. They mix in bands like King Crimson and the more jazzy bands from the Canterbury scene into their brand of jazz. A large helping of both rio (rock in opposition) and zeuhl is also mixed into their music.

Their brand of music is really great and they are a part of this great new French scene of avant-garde jazz. The material on this album is not really up to what I had expected. I have been listening to this album for a considerable time and it has failed to grow on me. But the music, performed with a wide variety of instruments, really never takes off towards greatness. This band does everything right, besides of writing great material. Hopefully, that will be rectified. This is a good album and one for the Canterbury fans.

3 points

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