Monday 21 November 2016

Evership - Evership (2016)

The debut album from this US band.

Evership is really the musician, keyboardist and composer Shane Atkinson with vocalist Beau West. They have got help from seven other musicians who helps with bass, violin, guitars, drums and e-bow.

The songs are eight years old and has matured nicely. The full Evership story can be read on their ProgArchives page. Read it !

It is fair to say that this album has caused a sensation this year. It is probably the most sensational debut album this year if we go by the reactions in ProgArchives and other places. The hype is justified.

This one hour long album has been labeled as neo-prog. That is just half of the story here.

I call this album and the music on it very elegant progressive rock who takes a lot from the likes of Queen, Yes, Mystery and Big Big Train. Yes, the music is a lot polished and does not have many edges. It also has this musical feel you sometimes get from US neo-prog.

The vocalist Beau West is a very very welcome to the progressive rock scene. His vocals is superb and some of the best male vocals I have heard for a long time. Long long time, in fact !!

The music is also very flowing and symphonic throughout. The great melodies and vocals comes inbetween these floating very good symphonic rock pieces

The emphasis has been put on elegance and on the good melody. And the band supplies plenty of great melodies too.

Yes, the hype is justified and it will be difficult to top this album as the best debut album of the year. It is also a very good candidate for the album of the year title too. Check it out !!

4 points

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