Thursday 24 November 2016

Edhels - Astro Logical (1991)

The fourth album from this Monaco band.

Edhels was a quartet with a lineup of guitars, synths, drums, percussions, bass and keyboards.

I was no fan of their previous album, the 1988 album Still Dreams.  I have always been of the impression that this band was a neo-prog band.

Two albums not a tone of neo-prog has been heard from this band. And this is not why I decided to review four of their six albums.

The guitarist Marc Ceccotto is still here. But he is being held back by a lot of electronica and avant-garde prog. That and some avant-garde jazz.

I love my fair share of avant-garde when it really works. But I am not entirely sure why Edhels is spewing out the music on this one hour long album.

Everything is unhinged and random here. It is throwing colours at a wall without having a clearly defined idea behind the whole project. Not even when executing it. Shall we build a house, a boat or a bridge here ? Let's decide in the final moment of this work.

The result is this unhinged album. A turkey. Something I find extreme boring and pointless. If you have got insomnia and the drugs don't work, this is the album for you. Or you can get one of those deep sleep albums.

This album has been dispatched to my turkey yard where it is now running around with the other turkeys. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.

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