Thursday 11 August 2016

Electric Light Orchestra - Alone In The Universe (2015)

The sixteenth album from these English legends.

The band is called Jeff Lynne's ELO due to him being the only original ELO member left in the band. But this is nevertheless Electric Light Orchestra and an album from them.

Actually, I am much mistaken here. Richard Tandy from most ELO albums is also involved here as a fulltime member of ELO. The band is therefore Jeff Lynne and Richard Tandy. They have got some help from six other musicians.

The lineup is keyboards, electric cello, bass, drums, guitars and vocals.

The previous two albums did not set my world on fire. I was not alone in the universe (pun intended) when I described them as extreme weak albums.

The first two minutes reminds me a lot about Sir Paul McCartney. A person Jeff Lynne has always wanted to emulate (yes, please give Jeff Lynne a knighthood too). Sir Paul McCartney not at his best, I have to add.

This half an hour long album really comes across as a mix of ELO and Sir Paul McCartney. You can also add some of The Beatles first songs too. Not the rock'n'roll songs. Just the more teenybopper pop songs. 

Sir Paul McCartney have released some great and some really bad albums. This ELO album reminds me about one of his really bad albums. There is some really tired looking sound and songs on Alone In The Universe. Also clocking in at thirty-two minutes and having some really short songs does not instill any confidence in this project.

This is not an album fans of ELO should purchase with any great joy and hope. A couple of decent songs and the ELO and The Beatles sound saves it from a turkey status. But this is still a terrible bad album.

1.5 points

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