Monday, 31 December 2012

Pitch - Conquistador (2012)

A new French band formed by Bruno Pitch. Bruno released a solo album back in 2010 named Crystal Garden. The Pitch setup is different though, I have been told.

Bruno Pitch is a classically trained musician, at university level, most known for his use of Chapman Stick. An instrument which combines bass and guitars. Read up on it on Wikipedia. This though is not a Chapman Stick album. It is used here, but the music is entirely different again. The excitement builds up..... Pitch plays a mix of female lead dream pop and neo prog. Add some French folk rock too and you get Pitch and this album. The music is performed by Chapman Stick, drums, bass and keyboards. The female vocals is good, although an acquired taste. They are very jazzy and I have to admit I am not entirely comfortable with them. The general sound is also a bit on the thin side.

Conquistador is not the usual fare in female fronted dream pop and neo prog. Pitch got their own style. Maybe because of Bruno Pitch and his Chapman Stick. The songs are not particular great either. I got some problems with this album. It is a good album though and one for those of you who want something different in female fronted art/prog rock. A meek good is awarded. Link to streamed album below so make up your own mind.

3 points

The album (streamed)


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