Saturday 22 December 2012

Mogador - Absinthe Tales Of Romantic Visions (2012)

The third album from this US symphonic prog sounding Italian band. It is an album I have had my problems with for reasons explained below. Read on.

The music is US symphonic prog with some female fronted neo, celtic rock and prog metal stuff included. It is an album which starts with the brilliant piano track Whispers To The Moon and then expands into female fronted neo prog and then to prog metal and God knows what.

The seven minutes of Whispers To The Moon is heavenly superb. Agnes Milewski's vocals on the next song She Sat And Sang is superb too. Ditto for the song, btw. This part and the next celtic rock part reminds me a lot about The Reasoning. Great stuff and the album then moves into a more complex prog metal and God knows what terrain which is not particular interesting.

In short; the first half of the album is great. The second part is dithering plodding and not good at all. This album has a split personality and I am only falling down on a three points rating. I don't understand this band at all. Sorry.

3 points

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