Friday 7 December 2012

Jumble Hole Clough - Three Bags of Madder (2012)

Colin Robinson's (Big Block 454 & Churn Milk Joan) solo project. Colin and his guitar and bass making noises. Hardly any vocals is present. It is Colin exploring and expressing his local landscape with his strings. That is what Jumble Hole Clough is all about. Three Bags of Madder is the first of two albums this year. I will get back to the second album soon/read the review of the other album somewhere else in this blog.

It is an understatement to label this album as introperspective and introvert. This is not a Bob Dylan copycat. The music is both avant-garde and krautrock. The music more based on moods than melody lines. It is an album that requires a lot from the listener.

This is a decent debut album and the first foray into this area of the music world from Colin. His two main projects makes a lot more racket than this one. Colin is looking inwards and at his many hundreds excellent landscapes photos on this album. The result is decent. I am by no means a big fan of this kind of ambient music. The music is too ambient for me. I have heard far worse albums than this one and it is a good start. Link below.

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The album

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