Monday, 10 December 2012

Highdelberg - Highdelberg (1975)

A one album only German project with Mani from Guru Guru and some others.

Guru Guru is a good reference and this album is pretty similar to what they delivered on their 1971 album Hinten. Krautrock with some rockabilly and a lot of space rock. There are even some Shadows like guitar rock here. Highdelberg comes across as a blend of Daevid Allen's Gong and Guru Guru. The instruments are mostly guitars with some keyboards added on. The sound is pretty good throughout. The musicians is doing a decent job and the vocals are very good.

The quality of the music is not that good, though. The big problem is the lack any really good songs here. Despite of the material leaning pretty heavy against Gong, I get the feeling the material is unfinished Guru Guru scetches and left overs. This is a decent album though and essential for all Guru Guru fans. For the rest of you; forget it.

2 points 

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