Saturday 29 December 2012

Acidente - Ainda (2012)

The ninth album from this Brazil based band who has been around since 1978 with various line ups.

The music styles on their outputs has also been all over the place, pending on the line ups of the day. On Ainda, they are trying out some melodic neo prog. Trying out is the phrase here.

The band sounds like they are all over the place. The vocals sounds like a black raven with influensa. He totally misses some of the tones by many miles. Terrible ! Some vocals are in Spanish and some are in English. The English ones are horrible. Stick to Spanish vocals is my advice. Or rather; give up.

The music is very standard and does not feel original at all. The band has been like thieving magpies, stealing melody lines from various bands and re-arranged them in their nest to make this album. Their ability to perform their compositions is also very limited.

In short; this (thankfully !) free album is not one I enjoyed at all. Give it a listen yourself from the link below and make up your own mind.

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