Thursday 13 December 2012

Anno Mundi - Cloister Graveyard In The Snow (2012)

A new Italian hard rock band with this 100 copies LP title only.

The first thing I notice is that the band has used the exact same art work and photo their fellow countrymen RanestRane used on their debut album Nosferatu. Which is odd as that album is both well known in Italy and only a few years old. I am not impressed.

Anno Mundi though plays proto doom metal in the St Vitus and Black Sabbath alley. Not as spaced out as St Vitus though. Maybe Trouble and Witchfynder General is better comparrisons. The LP reeks of the 1970s. Not at least because of the sound and the vocals. Both pretty dirty.

The songs are mainly verse-chorus-verse formula. No spaced out excersises though to my disappointment. The music is more metal than hard rock. The songs are pretty decent without really impressing me. The band is appealing to a small segment in the market. The retro doomsters and the stoners, that is. I am not one of them and this LP does not hit home. The quality of the songs are simply not there either. It is a debut and the LP will without any doubts become a collectors item in some years time. I would not give up if I was the band. Move on, write more stuff and spread your music in more than 100 copies. But this is not for me, I am afraid.

2 points

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