Sunday 3 May 2015

Moody Blues. The - Keys Of The Kingdom (1991)

The fourteenth album from this English band.

Justin Hayward and Patrick Moraz is still present in the and they got help from both Graeme Edge and John Locke. That is The Moody Blues on this album. In addition to this four piece, a lot of other musicians and a full symphony orchestra also helps them out.

Gone is the glorious progressive rock days of this band. In comes house wives and plastic fantastic yuppies friendly music. The music is so slick and so calculated that it goes well with the new Nokia mobile phones from that time. 

The songs are not that terrible. This one hour long album is not a turkey. But it runs that status close. The band has gone the way Genesis went. To the knackers yard and to the land where plastic is king.

1.5 points

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