Saturday, 7 May 2016

Rocchi. Claudio - La Norma del Cielo (1972)

The third album from this Italian artist.

The guitarist, vocalist and bassist Claudio Rocchi returns again with a lot of guest musicians and a lush sound.

It is a bit difficult to place Claudio Rocchi in the music landscape. His takes on Italian music was all over the place. He is on the fringes of the Rock Progressive Italiano (RPI) scene.

The music on this thirty-five minutes long album is pretty minimalistic with bass, percussion, piano, guitars and vocals as the main instruments. Some sitars, violins, choirs and strings also contributes to this album.

The music is a bit of a mix of Italian pop, folk and psychedelic rock. Or make that; psychedelic pop.
But most of the music here is a bit psychedelic. Psychedelic as in five years too little, too late.

There are some blatant pop songs here and there are some avant-garde psychedelic stuff here. A bit Pink Floyd goes to Italy and makes an Italian album inspired by India. Pink Floyd at their most psychedelic.

The result is a bit bewildering. Bewildering as in not so good music and a bit of a mess. Instruments and melody lines enters and leaves the album without making much sense.

The end result is a decent album which does not really improves my relationship to Claudio Rocchi's music. This is not Italian music at it's best.

2 points

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