Tuesday 31 May 2016

Parzivals Eye - Defragments (2015)

The second album from this Multi-National project. A project born in Germany.

This band was formed as a side-show of RPWL by it's then member Chris Postl. He then split from RPWL and Parzivals Eye became his main project.

Chris does all the vocals here. The other instruments are keyboards, bass, drums and guitars. That and some sporadic piano.  

But Christina Booth from Magenta does a cover of Yes's classic Long Distance. A track pretty untypical for this album and I am not sure what it does here. No offence intended towards the always great Christina Booth. The song is still a very good song and one of the best songs here. It still does not fit this album....

But.... This album is a melodic neo-prog album with references to RPWL and Sylvan. There are some references to classic rock here too. But neo-prog it is and that throughout this one hour minus the Yes cover.

The music is melodic and not particular epic. There are good songs throughout and the album is very pleasing. There is no great songs here and not much excitement around either.

Hence my rating and three points.

3 points

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