Sunday 22 May 2016

Memo - Captain Thunder (1977)

The one and only album from this German artist.

His name is Memo Kurt and he does everything here. That means keyboards, piano, synths, drums, bass, guitars and vocals.

I got this album because Youtube says it is progressive rock. Youtube is wrong.

OK, there are some hints of progressive rock here. But most of the album is pop music with a lot of funk and some eclectic rock. That and some krautrock, west coast rock and progrock.

For some good reasons, this album reminds me a lot about the late Prince's debut album. An album where Prince too did everything and the result was not particular good.

For some reasons, Memo was not invited back for a second album. Prince was and the rest is history. But Memo Kurt was not a miracle worker. Prince was.

The music here is pretty soppy and not that good. There is a couple of tracks here which has some quality. But there are also some pretty dire stuff here. Some reminders that despite of the great albums the 1970s gave ut, this decade also gave us some pretty bad albums. This one is a good example.

This is a pretty weak album and it is best forgotten. You have been warned.

1.5 points

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