Monday, 16 May 2016

Jeavestone - 1+1=OK (2010)

The third album from this Finnish band.

Jeavestone has just released a new album (which I will soon purchase) and is pretty active. It is indeed an interesting band and I have reviewed their three first albums....... well, this is the review of their third album.

Jeavestone is a five piece band who use English sounding artist names. I guess they use this as a joke. Their lineup is keyboards, bass, flutes, drums, guitars and English vocals.

Their music is pretty funny too. Funny, but not as in a joke. But the music is funny as in sunny eclectic prog with a lot of west-coast psychedelic prog and power-trio heavy prog. There is a lot of The Beatles and The Beach Boys here too. This because of the very good vocal harmonies here. The main label I would put on them is classic rock, though.

Classic, but still fresh as in a fresh piece of loaf. There is a lot of interesting, eclectic rhythm figures here too. Not to mention; catchy melodies.

My only gripe is the lack of a truly great song. That is what is lacking here. But this forty minutes long album still offers up a lot of good stuff and it should have given this band the attention and fame the band really deserve.

This is a good album and you should check it out. This and their other albums.

3 points  

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