Tuesday 19 March 2013

Magma - K.A (2004)

A great comeback album from these masters of zeuhl.

K.A, short for Kohntarkkosz Anteria and contains three x twenty minutes + compositions. And for those of us who feared the worst after three not so good/great albums, K.A is a return to Magma at almost their best. Most of their harsh distorted edges has gone. But what remains is the good old opera - jazz crossover music I really value this band so highly for.

The first of the three compositions here is a welcome return to the old style Magma with a mix of opera and jazz. This piece of music has more in common with opera than rock. The second composition is much more a hommage to jazz and it is a great composition too. Magma/Vander's love for gospel music shines through in the third and the weakest composition here. Still a very good composition which I feel is too light and too uncomplicated.

The end result is still an album which makes me very happy. It is a great album and a reminder about how great Magma is. One of the best bands ever. And it also reminds me how great zeuhl is. One of the most obscure music styles there is. This album is a timely reminder how much I love zeuhl.

4 points

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