Monday 4 March 2013

Arkham - Arkham (1994)

Arkham was a band in the 1970s which included Daniel Denis, later in Magma and Univers Zero. This album, the only album with their name on it, was released by Cuneiform Records with the help of some long forgotten tapes from a gig they did in the 1970s. This is a compilation album of some sort, released long after their demise. Some of the music is also live.

The sound is not particular great. Their music is a mix of Egg and Soft Machine, two of my favourite bands. That is why it is such a pity that the sound is pretty abysmal at places. This is the type of music I normally regard as great. OK, some parts of this album has a tolerable good sound. The really good tracks here is the ones with the bad sound. The good sounding tracks is not that really good. I am in two minds, but regard this as a decent to good album. I may upgrade the score later if I like this album better in some months time. I am not sure if this album is a worthy investment though and I am not sure why some labels this a zeuhl album. The music is not zeuhl at all. So...... OK, a weak three pointer.

3 points 

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