Sunday 3 March 2013

Lifesigns - Lifesigns (2013)

Sometimes, you just have to look at an album cover to get the complete picture of the music inside. The green and pleasant village scene with a cathedral this English supergroup has chosen as a cover artwork for their their debut album is brilliant and one of the best cover art work I have seen lately. It also perfectly describe the music on this album.

Lifesigns is a band with members from Genesis (Steve Hackett), Focus, Strawbs, King Crimson and other bands. The music is English symphonic prog with a lot of neo prog too. The sound is big and dominated by a Chapmann stick, keyboards, bass, drums and multi layered male vocals. The opening track Lighthouse is a superb track and one of the best songs this year...... so far. Brilliant guitar solo from probably Steve Hackett in the middle. The rest of the album... well, look at the art work. Herein lays my only gripe with this album too. It is a bit too green, too bland and without a couple of more killer tracks. That aside, this is a great fifty odd minutes long album. This is an album everyone into symphonic/neo prog anno 2013 must purchase.

4 points

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