Monday 26 August 2013

Runaway Totem - Manu Menes (2009)

The seventh album from this Italian zeuhl band.

The development of this band is an interesting one and their discography is mostly free downloads from their homepage. Highly recommended downloads. The quality is not always top notch. But their music is never really dull. Manu Menes is one of their best albums.

This album is divided into three twenty minutes long compositions. The first composition Alle Sorgenti di Kronos is a pretty ambient, featureless composition who nicely sets up the other two compositions. Aevum is a Magma like heavy, dark composition with a lot of brooding female and male vocals on the top of a dark keyboards and bass created landscape. A great composition.

The final composition Phi-Ur continues in the same vein with a lot of distorted guitars and piano added to the mix too. Another great composition who comes across as a mix of Shub Niggurath and Magma.

In short; this is a great album which I very much enjoys. My faith in this band has been rewarded.

4 points


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