Sunday, 4 August 2013

Adventure - Adventure (2000)

The debut album from this Norwegian symphonic prog band.

The band has been around since 1990 and is still very much alive. They have so far released two albums and is regarded as one of the first members of the new wave of Norwegian prog. A scene mainly consisting of symphonic prog bands.

Adventure is an album which bridges symphonic prog and the more progressive metal scene. The production is pretty weak and ditto for the sound. This album sounds a bit homemade. The music has it's roots in Yes and Genesis. Standard symphonic prog with lots of Hammond organs and guitars, in other words.

There are no real good songs here and the end result is a decent album which will perhaps please the die hard symphonic prog fans. This album is an enjoyable listen, but nothing more.

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  1. Heya m8!! Nice review! This one must really rock as far as I can say from some youtube samples! Their 2009 Beacon of Light is great too but I prefer how the band sounds here! How did you find it and listen to it btw? Any chance for uploading it??

  2. Thanx for the response.

    I am sorry, but I only link to legally free albums like Bandcamps and albums offered free by the bands. I think the album can be ordered from