Wednesday 6 June 2012

Obituary - Slowly We Rot (1989)

With the help of the creative freedom this blog is giving me, a type of freedom I have not had for many years, I am digging out some old albums from the boxes and dungeons in my castle.

Obituary was a bit of a strange band. They still are. They are listed as a death metal band. But they never really fitted that label at all. I think they were more a doom metal band than a death metal band.  The title track is a slow grinding doom metal track. And so is most of the other songs here. I really liked this album when it came out. That was - Gosh I am old !!! - 23 years ago, though. I have been giving this album a spin again now, the original 1989 album though, without the bonus tracks.

John Tardy's growls on this album is legendary. They are a mix of a male lion and a cow. Not human, in other words. These growls is backed up by some tight riffs. Most of the music is mid to slow paced. They are interrupted by some fast grinding too.

Obituary came up with a lot of good ideas on this album. But the ideas is not fully exploited in this album. This album feels like a brainstorming session and not the finished product. Despite of that, the music here is still very interesting and good. The title track is a great track. The rest is not that good. But this is still a good album well worth checking out. In particular if you are into new and progressive music. Which strangely enough Obituary produced a lot of during their career. A new album is on it's way, I have heard.

3 points

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