Monday 4 June 2012

Mad Puppet - King Laurin And His Rosegarden (1994)

The third studio album from this Italian band.

Although their passports says Italy, their sound and music is firmly rooted in the English neo-prog. Very few influences from the great Italian prog rock scene can be detected in this music. Instead, the references are bands like Pendragon and IQ. There is a lot of post Roger Waters era Pink Floyd influences here too.

The instrumentations is the usual tangents, guitars, bass, drums and vocals setup. There are both male and female vocals here. None of them particular great though. The music is melodic throughout. Something that requires some great melodies. They are sadly lacking though. But the final two songs The Battle and The Spell is great though. The rest of the album is decent to good throughout.

This is not a shining great album. It is very much a middle of the road album which I enjoy. I award it a very weak three pointer.

3 points

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