Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Le Groupe X - Frrrrrigidaire (1973)

A one man band from Italy who released two albums and a single before Gianluigi Pezzera, the man behind this band moved on in life.

The music is very much influenced by the likes of Trace and ELP. Add some local Italian flavour from bands like Le Orme and Goblin too and you get this album. The music is created and performed by tonnes of keyboards, bass and drums. The ELP setup, in other words.

The music is not bad at all. I have heard far, far worse ELP fanboy albums than this album. The music here is leaning far more on fusion and jazz than pling plong shopping mall music. The core of this music though is a blend of classical music and some Italian prog rock. The music sounds like Gianluigi Pezzera actually had a vision behind this album. Some delicate acoustic guitars scattered around this album also proves this point.

There are no really great music on this album. The average quality is good though and this is a surprising good album and a very fine addition to the Italian progressive rock scene.

3 points

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