Sunday 6 April 2014

Perigeo - Non E' Poi Cosi' Lontano (1976)

The fifth album from this Italian band.

Perigeo was a band who could be compared to Soft Machine on their first three albums. Their music were pretty intense with an avant-garde edge. Everything I remember about Perigeo has been cast aside on this album, though.

Perigeo still has this combination of guitars and woodwinds in their music. A James Last kind of sound has replaced their more intense, almost avant-garde music like sound. The replacement has largely been a slick combination of lounge jazz and some remnants of the old Perigeo. A couple of intense guitar solos is left here. The bass and drums are pretty standard lounge jazz and they woodwinds is also pretty standard jazz.

This is not the Perigeo I loved and still love. When that is said, the keyboards are still good and there are some good jazz pieces here. But overall; this is not an interesting album. It is a decent to good album from a band whose this album is said to be a one off mistake. I hope so.

2.5 points

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