Wednesday 9 April 2014

Branduardi. Angelo - Il Rovo E La Rosa (2013)

The 20th or so album from this Italian artist with the superb male vocal chords. He is probably among the five best Italian vocalists and has been that for a long time.

His hair is gray and he debuted back in 1974 with a self titled album. His first couple of albums were in the Italian prog genre before he moved to a more folk rock direction. This album too is in that genre. It is Angelo and his angelic vocals plus some very sparse used piano, violins or guitars. This is not rock'n'roll. Neither is it progressive rock.

This album is gold from heaven for his many supporters. It is just what they want, whoever his supporters are. I guess many of them are females. Angelo Branduardi is a bit of an old charmer. A typical Italian gentleman. That is what I believe and I may be very mistaken. But for the sake of this review; hold onto that image in your head.

I have to admit this is not music that appeals to me. Too few instruments and the songs are not that interesting either. As a gift to my mother in law; it is a good gift. Besides of that; this is a decent album which is far better than most of the music offered to this segment of the market. Enough said.

2 points

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