Thursday 19 December 2013

Sankara - Guided By Degrees (2012)

The debut album from this British band. A band with associations to The Reasoning, one of the better female fronted English prog rock bands in the scene.

The Reasoning is not the associations I get when I am listening to this album. Only one song has something that reminds me about them. No, this is classic US melodic rock and AOR throughout this forty minutes long album.

Bad Company springs to mind when I am looking for something to attach this band and album to. The music is melodic to hard. There is some country'n'western twang in the music. Most of all; this is almost a tribute to the US scene. That with the exception from the female vocals on the song that reminds me about The Reasoning.

The result is a good album who sounds nice and offers a lot. A great song or two is missing though. This album will satisfy those into US rock and AOR. Not to mention those into harder rock. Recommended.

3 points

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