Saturday, 7 December 2013

Psiglo - Ideación (1973)

The debut album from this Uruguay band. Uruguay is not a country with a well known rock and pop scene. This is the only band I have ever heard from this country if my memory serves me right.

The music on this album is a mix of the popular genres from that time. Most of it pretty hard rocking. You get psychedelic rock, a bit blues, a lot of harder pop music, a lot of rock, funk and even some reggae here.
The music is performed with keyboards, guitars, drums, bass and Spanish vocals. All of it competent enough. The sound is OK too.

The album has one very good song and that is the second track here; En Un Lugar Un Niño. That is a very catchy rock number. The latin pop song Catalina is also a good song. There are also some other decent songs here.

The end result is a decent to good half an hour long album which has some good stuff and some not so good stuff. Check it out if you can.

2.5 points

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  1. Hi. Good to know someone is enjoying Psiglo, I love them and fortunately I had the opportunity to see them live in a reunion concert in 2002. To give you a bit of context regarding our rock music I have to say that Uruguay had a militar dictatorship in the 70's and rock music was banned. So we have band from the 60's like Psiglo, Totem, The shakers, The mockers, Los delfines, Días the Blues, etc.
    And then after the dictatorship mostly punk bands (people had a lot of angry things to say), from the 80's there are bands like Los estómagos (, Los traidores (, Zero (, Los tontos, La tabaré riverock banda, etc.
    In the 90's it improved a little and some new sounds emerged, bands like La trampa (, El peyote asesino (, Los chicos eléctricos, Chopper.
    You can easily find them in youtube, hope you enjoy them as much as Psiglo.