Wednesday, 25 December 2013

La Barca - La Barca (2002)

La Barca is an Argentine band and I don't know anything about them. This is probably their debut album. I got their albums from an internet retailer.

La Barca is safely in the neo prog genre. Neo prog with some AOR and Latin-American pop rock too. Their music is performed with the usual neo prog setup; keyboards, guitars, bass and drums. On the top of that again; some male Spanish vocals.

The music is pretty mainstream commercial and very melodic. The music is not technical and filled with interesting details. The good tune and melody is the main emphasis here.

The sound is good. Unfortunate, there is no good songs here. The music is wishy-washy bland and without much identity. The music appeals more to the mass market than the fringes. For example a prog head like myself. This is a decent album though which does not appeal much to me.

2 points

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