Friday 20 December 2013

Mucchio.Il - Il Mucchio (1970)

Another Italian one album only band.

Il Mucchio was a band who released some EPs and singles before they released this album. Their music was a mix of beat and ELP like symphonic prog. Surprisingly lot of ELP like symphonic prog. Add a lot of Italian pop too and you get this album. No wonder many consider this as the first ever real Rock Progressivo Italiano album. As far as I am concerned; they are right.

The sound is reasonable good. Ditto for the Italian vocals and vocal harmonies. The guitars, Hammond organ, bass and drums are reasonable good too. The songs sounds dated and not so good. They are still in the late 1960s Italian pop mood and not so advanced as ELPs music.

This is still a decent to good album well worth checking out. I guess it has some historical value too. Not bad at all.

2.5 points

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