Friday 13 December 2013

Psiglo - II (1981)

The second album from this band and one album delayed by seven years due to the inclusion of a song the brutal dictatorship in their homeland Uruguay did not care much about. They outright banned this song.

Psiglo is still more or less the same band as on their debut album Ideación from 1973. We still get a mix of psych rock from the late 1960s and rock from the 1970s. Although it has to be said that the band has left most of the 1960s behind them. The sound is much improved too.

The Spanish male vocals floats on the top of some Hammond organs, guitars, bass and drums. The rhythm section is really tight and solid. The vocals too is great and my love for heavy Hammond organs is pretty well known. There are some of them here.

What is not here is any great or even good songs. Much of the songs on this album is really mature and harmonious with lots of time shifts and pastoral elegance. But no good songs. It is still a decent to good album. It is well worth checking out. You get both albums on a 2 for 1 CD for a decent price at Amazon.

2.5 points

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