Tuesday 10 December 2013

Edzayawa - Projection One (1973)

An album from a genuine Ghana band is not what I am used to. Osibisa were from Ghana, you say. Yes and no.... Osibisa was a band formed in London by some guys from both Ghana and America. Edzayawa on the other hand is from Ghana and did this album in Nigeria. The album was also released through a Nigerian record label.

Edzayawa's music is pretty similar to Osibisa and fans of the latter band will like this album. Their only album before the band broke up. You get African rhythms and a jazz. You also get some symphonic prog here in the ELP vein. There is also some funk here. Most of all; this is an album in the world music genre, filled as it is with African music. The music is performed with percussions of all sorts, Hammond organ, guitars, bass and a lot of vocals. The Hammond organ is great. The sound and music is a lot darker than on the Osibisa albums. I get the feeling this album is the real deal which there is not the compromises Osibisa made on their albums. This is an African popular music album.

The result is a decent album which fans of African popular music and world music will like more than I do. It is an interesting album though for those more into adventure than normality. Check it out from the link below.

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