Monday, 19 March 2012

Treeburning - This Is What Happens When Nothing Else Can (2011)

A hell of a racket.

Treeburning from Canada is trying to add a new dimension to the music scene, the PA profile bio says. Maybe that's the case.

This is a nine minutes long EP and I believe it is a free download EP too. The music is somewhere between what we in the good old days called hard core, power pop, pop corn and avant garde metal. The basis is beefed up power pop with added hard core and grindcore elements. The guitars are a bit off kilter most of the times. I guess this is what goes for skate core these days.

The music is not that bad and I may be tempted to give one of their albums a spin or two. But I have to admit I am too old for this racket. This EP has missed me by at least one generation. So I will give it two and a half stars. But check it out anyway if skate boards is your passion.

2.5 points

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