Friday, 2 March 2012

Thumpermonkey Lives! - Alpha Romeo (2003)

The debut EP from one of the weirdest bands from England.

So weird that they are very difficult to label. But take a slice of Faith No More, a large slice of Mr. Bungle and add a lot of electronica, house and hip hop to the mix and you get their sound.

This twenty minutes long EP has some weird music, but also some very vibrant music too. Both weird and vibrant at the same time, in my view. The vocals are leftfield strange with both high pitches and deep baryton. The lyrics is probably weird too.

This is by no means an easy EP to digest. But it has grown on me a lot and I really likes it. Bands like Thumpermonkey Lives! really deserves a lot more attention because they are both vibrant and progressive as opposed to the regressive bands from the 1970s. Roll over Yes and tell Dream Theater the news. This is a good EP and it is a  pay if you like download too. Link below.

3 points

Download EP and some more albums 

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