Saturday, 3 March 2012

Leitmotiv - Entangled (2007)

Another retro prog band from Canada.

Retro prog is the game here and the piano based songs is what I will remember this album for. The piano is helped out by some guitars, keyboards, bass and drums too. But it is still the dominant instrument by far. The piano and the vocals. The vocals are a bit special, but also very good.

Music wise, they comes across as a blend of Supertramp, Renaissance, Genesis and Happy The Man. Melodic and retro, in other words. The sound is good too.

The quality is pretty good. There is nothing I don't like here and the album has grown on me a lot. Mostly because of the many good Renaissance influences. This album has it's failings though and those are the lack of any really great songs. This is a rather good album from a good band. Nothing more, nothing less.

3 points

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